About Us

It’s a pleasure to watch our children grow up – happy, and with a smile on their faces. It is even more fun to see them play, laugh, learn and discover something new every day.

We all want our children to get the best of everything in their lives. At MokoToys, our goal is to help you give your children a clean and safe environment to grow up in. We want them to discover the beautiful world that exists around them and, to foster the creativity in them to make it even better.

To ensure that all our toys are safe and natural, we manufacture them using only the very best, carefully selected materials.

For us, it’s a very simple guiding question – will we want our children to play with the products we are making? That’s why we don’t cut corners or make any compromises.

Furthermore, to ensure quality and fine craftsmanship, we manufacture everything locally. Our factory is located in the small but amazingly beautiful country of Lithuania, EU.

Material at the heart of all our toys, apart from our passion for creating amazing toys, is wood. Using this material allows us to create something unique, natural and filled with emotions.

When you buy a toy made from wood, you are gifting your child a piece of nature. Even though we transform the tree into something that your kids will love, it is still a living piece of nature unlike plastic.

Furthermore, as time passes, wood gains a character that only natural living things can gain. It keeps getting better and better as time passes.

When we design and handcraft the toys for your little ones, our main aim is to encourage them to actively use their imagination and educate them to value nature and connect with it.

And, even though we are artists in our hearts, whenever we create a new toy design, we work closely with a team of professionals – teachers, psychologists, designers and artists.

Their feedback and input means that we are able to design products that will not only make it fun for your children to play with MokoToys, but also teach them how to think for themselves and develop their character.

That’s the wooden magic of MokoToys.

MB Moko Toys

Company code: 303261282

Postal address:  Taikos g. 91-16, LT-05200 Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania

Owner  Jonas Udris